UCLA Center for Medieval and Renaissance Studies - Medieval manuscripts

    IMPORTANT: Please note that in 2013 active development on the CDMMSS ceased (for now). The 3129 manuscripts listed here, drawn from 139 institutions, are an increasingly partial subset of manuscripts that have been digitized in their entirety and made available on the web. Institutions large and small have continued to digitize manuscripts at an ever-quickening pace. We hope you continue to find that Catalogue useful, but the results it provides are not comprehensive.

    Welcome to the Catalogue of Digitized Medieval Manuscripts. This site was designed to enable users to find fully digitized manuscripts currently available on the web.

    You can use the search box to quickly search on specific terms, or use the "Search Manuscripts" link to search on particular fields, such as date, or provenance information.

    You can also browse the Catalogue by the Location of an archive or library, the shelfmark of an item, by the author of a text (where that information is available), or by the language of a text (again, where available).